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Change the cleat

tuto_taquet11. Get off your worn cleat with allen key 2,5 mm and a screw driver. Prepare a knife or a very thin screw driver.




tuto_taquet22. Set up the new cleat with the axe and the spring inside it.





tuto_taquet33. Set up the ensemble on the plate with the cleat in the good way and engage the screw, at the opposite face of the plate, with the spring loop not engaged.




tuto_taquet44. Screw a little bit





tuto_taquet55. Engage the spring loop in its hole with the tool (thin screw driver or knife arrow). Check on the external face of the plate than the spring loop is well implemented.
tuto_taquet66. At this step, fully depress the cleat and the axe in the plate, and remove the screw while holding the cleat to keep his position. Put a tear of a medium screw locker liquid, and replace the screw. Screw strongly (3 DaN/M max), and check that the cleat works.

Be permanently aware that the screw is taught.

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