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LOV2 is the first wordwide device, fall arrest and descender for diagonal, tight or regular ropes.



Imagined, designed and manufactured by and for RAT, this is the indispensable tool for any kind of work at height professional.

LOV2, is the first wordwide device,  fall arrest and descender  for diagonal or tight or regular ropes.It allows you to

  • Replace 3 devices for RAT

1°  Fall arrest device

2° Descender

3° Chest ascender switching into descender

  • For work at height, replace 2 devices when oined with LOV.ROPE

1°  Adjustable lanyard for work positioning

2° Evacuation device.

  • Progressing with fall arrest, descender or positioning on tight ropes.

Example :

In case of a fall,  hanging on his fall arrest LOV2, a technician would be able to evacuate himself  immediately, without using any kind of other system. Besides,  he will be able to descend diagonally, in order to avoid possible obstacles.

  • This worldwide innovation responds to the norms EN 12 841 type A/C et EN 358 (with LOV.ROPE).

6 reviews for LOV2

  1. Tore Rønstad

    I find this extremely useful for both leisure and work. It takes away some changeovers that you will find in rope access today. being both an ascender and a descender simplifies rescue in many situations, even Without compromising on safety.
    I have also used it on wet icy ropes. It still works! My favorite tool…

    • Bénédicte

      Thank you Tore for this recommendation.

  2. Alex Landa

    It is a very convenient devise, but the common issue is a very unpleasant destruction of a handle closing spring. Since it happened after half a year mild usage as a secondary descender and sometimes a fall arrest, the handle is always open, which makes it kind of dangerous. I can accidentaly pull it with my harness parts or clothes. Since the handle can not be disassembled without drilling and bruteforce work, it would be fair to provide some kind of return policy. But the customer services wont contact me after I filled the form.
    I gues,, you should do something abot it. At least write me an e-mail.
    Russian rope access technitian

    • Bénédicte

      Hi Alex,

      We are very sorry for all the inconvenience.
      Of course we provide after sales service. I sent you 2 emails already with the process to follow but did not receive any answer from you.
      Could you send an email to with a valid email address so that we can communicate ?

      We are much concerned with quality and customer satisfaction, so we would not leave you without a response. Can you tell me which form you filled and to whom you sent it ? Did you use the contact form on the website ?
      We will check why we did not have your message and fix the problem.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

  3. Alex Landa

    Customer service did their job in providing the replacement in the best way possible.
    After some information exchange I got the broken part (handle) sent to me without any payment,and also sending the device to manufacturer for repair without any shipping fees from my side was an open option.
    I am grateful for your actions.
    Good job, Benedicte.

    Alex Landa
    Russian IRATA lv.1 Rope access technitian.

  4. Yann Camus

    Thank you TAZ for allowing me to try LOV2! It is a high quality product!

    For me, the LOV2 was an interesting tool to test for top rope solo (TRS) climbing. After adjusting my system, I love the freedom and confidence it gives me. I can climb and rappel at will to work difficult moves or do laps. I have a trick to keep it high so it is less likely to end up between my legs. I use both semi-static ropes (as recommended by the manufacturer) and dynamic ropes and it works well. I make knots in the rope during my progression in case the LOV2 slips but it seems unlikely!

    Soon I am posting a YouTube video to explain how I use LOV2 for TRS.

    I still have to work on finding a nice way to use it for lead rope solo climbing. It should be possible because it is a similar device to the Soloist when it’s held upright with a chest harness. Like the Soloist, it will be necessary to provide redundancy with knots because it would slip on the rope in case of an upside down fall.

  5. Tim Owen

    For almost a year, I have used the Lov2 as a SRT climber in commercial tree removals and pruning operations and can’t say enough good about it. The adjustable friction of the device allows for efficient rope walking in tree ascents and for smooth, controlled and safe descents. The Lov2 also works great as a one handed adjustable positioning lanyard without the tightening and freeze up that micro pulley friction cord prusik adjusters tend to produce with even minimal use. Its mid line attachability, ease of operation and reliability make this device an essential for the production climber and a mainstay among the many mechanical friction devices in the rapidly evolving world of arborist climbing equipment.

  6. Dave Jackson

    I am very happy with the Taz Lov2, and I’m even happier with Taz3d customer service. When the spring in the handle of my Taz Lov2 broke after 18 months of use, Taz quickly sent me replacement parts and provided helpful instructions about how to repair the device. It didn’t take me long at all to fix the device, and it’s working great again. I would certainly buy another Taz Lov2!

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