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Where and when can I purchase a LOV2?

As of now, LOV2 is for sell at our retailers .

How to verify that my LOV2 device is of an upgraded version ?

upload the explanatory note

When using LOV 2 as a fall arrester, what type of lanyard should be used?Is there a limit on the length of the lanyard?

Any normalized lanyard, no limit of length. Length defined by risk assessment in each situation. Using it as descender, max length 40 cm. (see User Manual ) .

When using LOV 2, what type of connector do you recommend?

Any kind of automatic and alloy made connector ( see user manual).

When there is a 2 persons load on the LOV2 ( rescue scenario), do I have to use a brake carabiner?


When using LOV 2 as a fall arrester or a descender, do you accept the load of two people?

For fall arrester no, for descender yes, in exceptional scenarios (additional rescue note ).