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  • TAZ Boost your 3D agility

    TAZ creates tools and solutions which facilitate the everyday life of rope access technicians and workers at height.

    Our brand new product LOV2 is now available, see our retailers page.

    In this video, 21 situations pro for which LOV2 has no equivalent.

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  • DJI_0008

    the LOV2 user manual has been updated on Feb. 2020

    Please see tab "documentation/ instructions and manuals"

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Have a look at our tutorials to learn how to properly use LOV2 in a quick and easy way.

RAT Solutions

Rope access technicians and workers at height, discover our solutions dedicated to your activity.


Take part in the TAZ adventure and share with us your videos and pictures of LOV2 in action!



For once that we find a real novelty in equipment!

Beautiful revolution of techniques in perspective in our job

I have been testing LOV2 for 2 weeks and I use it already every day.