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Accident in Australia while using a Lov2 – march 2019

News : accident using the Lov2

We would like to advise of a recent accident that an Australian arborist had whilst using the TAZ Lov2 resulting in his hospitalisation.  Whilst descending using the TAZ Lov2 on a single line an uncontrolled descent occurred resulting in a fall of approximately 8 metres.  After some investigation,  we conclude that the arborist’s bottom hand was not used to control his descent speed by holding the line below the device. The device is not in question.

This event reminds us of the ever present risks associated with our industry.  It is an unfortunate accident that drives us to do everything possible to avoid future incidents.  The primary purpose of our device is to protect the user.  We as the manufacturer bear the responsibility of making known the technical requirements and recommendations to use our equipment safely.  To this end we will continue to improve our technical documents and user instructions to better highlight correct usage techniques. Please view this short video for correct descent technique.

This statement is made in collaboration with the arborist, his company and Taz Australian distributor. Please feel free to contact us for questions or comments.

Pascal Ollivier,  Taz SAS President, March 19, 2019

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